Take Turns


Are your kids good at taking turns, or do they always want to use the same toys? Do you always have to set the egg timer every 3 minutes?

If you can answer yes to any of these questions, Take Turns will make your life easier! With a simple and intuitive user interface that even a 4 year old can use, you assign a color and a sound effect to each kid, set the time and press Play. Take Turns will handle the rest.

Using Take Turns makes playing even more fun, for both the kids and for you!

Take Turns

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Take Turns - Edit Schedule
Take Turns - Running

When you start up Take Turns it shows the current schedule of turns. Regular CD player controls are used to start/pause and stop the schedule. The current turn is shown at the top with the selected color and the following turns are shown below.

When the turn time has elapsed, the next turn will be activated playing the selected sound.

The schedule will continue even when you exit Take Turns, and show notifications with sound at each turn.

will reveal the settings where you can set up the turn schedule.

Setting up Take Turns is easy. When editing the schedule, you will get a complete overview of the turns, including the selected sound and color.

Give your schedule a description and set up the time for each turn (min/sec).

Turns can be added and deleted, and the ordering of turns is changed by using the reordering controls on the turn colors.

Adjusting the name, color or sound of a single turn can be done by tapping the turn. Let your kids select between 12 sounds and 12 colors.

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Compatible with iPhone and iPod touch running iOS 3.1.3 or later.


English, Spanish and Danish

“Goodbye egg timer and microwave clock because Take Turns has features you just can’t compete with.”

“Take Turns is a well executed app that’s going to solve quite a few battles at our house. It definitely puts a spin of equality on playtime!”